All testimonials and case studies within this website are, to the best of our knowledge, true and accurate. They were provided voluntarily, by real customers, without any compensation offered in return.

These testimonials and examples included on the site do not represent typical or average results. Most customers do not contact us or share their results, nor are they required to. Therefore, we cannot determine how the typical or average results of customers varies from the job seeking population at large, and defer to those statistics. According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2010, “the median number of weeks jobseekers had been unemployed in the month prior to finding work was a little more than 10 weeks,” while 89% of unemployed job seekers who landed a position found that position in less than a year. In survey responses from 271 site members, of those who had a yes/no hiring decision within 21 days of purchase, over 50% received an offer.

Being successful in an interview and ultimately getting a job offer depends on many factors. Obviously we can’t promise that our advice, as interpreted and implemented by everyone, is going to achieve for everyone the kinds of results described in the testimonials on this website.

Getting a job offer may depend on any and all of the following reasons: presentation during the interview, appropriate follow up before and after the interview, assessed fit between the candidate and the employer, possession of specific skills and past experiences, available information about the candidate’s past performance including quality of resume, work portfolio, publications or other publicly available information, quality of job candidate references, results of a background check, performance on psychometric and technical skill based tests, existence of a previous relationship between the job candidate to the employer, and comparative ability of the various candidates being considered for the position, among other factors. Therefore, you recognize that there is no guarantee of any outcome by using this program.

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